Godox V-11C SA-11C Filters cheating sheet

Godox V-11C SA-11C color filters kit color gels filters cheating sheet for quick visualize and find the right gel during lighting setup.

Godox gel cheap sheet

Setup color gel lighting for photography usually a hit or miss. This happen especially when using off brand gels for such propose.

I have produced the color gel cheating sheet of Godox V-11C and Godox SA-11C for quicker to visualize the effect and find the right gel during setup.

This cheating sheet is the result of Godox color gels set captured by Dslr in 5600k wb toward Superior Seamless #90 White Background Paper and the chat show steps of a stop different in between. For the ideal color you will need a calibrated light meter for the setup.

To buy the Godox V-11C SA-11C cheating sheet by Ken Tam Photography please click the button below. (you will need a calibrated light meter for the setup.)

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