When people get in touch with me, this is the most common query.


Can we have a WhatsApp chat? Since email is more convenient for all parties, even those in different time zones, I do prefer communicating by email.

The amount?

Prices change is depending on the project, Please use the photographer commission form to contact me and send me the information you require.

How do you photography?

Every photography process is unique, and we will come up with the finest setup for it. Feel free to visit our behind-the-scenes area to learn more. A certain documentary was captured during our past photo shoots.

How many photos can you create in a day?

My photography approach is not like operating the camera as a machine gun and hoping I am lucky and get shoots at random, therefore I'll say 8-10 for corporate image or advertising. I'll take the time to perfect the lighting, the position, and the setting before taking a single photo.