Advertising photography

Advertising photography services in Hong Kong, Macau, China. Professional photography for beauty, fashion, food, portrait, garment, and products.

Advertising photography that increases revenue

We provide photography for catalogue, brochure, Instagram, magazine adverts, billboards, websites and social media.

A basic advertising photograph is simply a photo that lecture consumers on the benefits of the product, but a great advertising photograph make people want the product, promote the feeling of confidence and make people trust in your brand. Our approach is to work closely with you and to learn exactly what you need to convey to your customers, and then to produce photos that say it all for you.

Sometimes even the best products do not look exciting or sexy enough. We know how to use the combination of technical and marketing skills to make ordinary products look more exceptional by creating our own form of magic.

To reach these results, we may use specialized cameras, complex lighting arrangements and imaginative computer enhancement techniques (e.g., adobe photoshop). None of this is shown in the final images, which need to look like a factual representation of an exciting product, not just a clever representation of an average product.

We believe if the advertising photograph fails to produce viable market leads or increased sales, the budget you put in the campaign will be completely wasted.

Advertising photography production

Advertising photography mood-board

Advertising photography raw image after digital capture

Here is an example of our advertising photography from mood board to final photograph.