BW CP ICC is an ICC Profile for Canon Selphy printer CP800, CP810, CP900, CP910, CP1000, CP1200, CP1300 for OSX / Windows. Lets print true Black and White photographs with your beloved Selphy printer.

BW CP1300 placeI have created couple custom BW ICC profiles for Canon SELPHY printers, and this BW ICC, let your Canon SELPHY printer output the true Black and White photographs with minimal colour cast.

I would like to see everyone can print black and white photographs without color cast from your CP printer, this BW ICC is big time/cost saver for helping you to create a better BnW print from CP printers. To buy the CP BW ICC profile by Ken Tam Photography please click the button below. (this is an BW ICC file for the computer and will not work on mobile phones.)

PayPal USD 20 / ICC set KP/RP each have 5 profiles

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Canon SELPHY printer BW ICC for

  • CP 800
  • CP 810
  • CP 820
  • CP 900
  • CP 910
  • CP 1000
  • CP 1200
  • CP 1300

CP BW ICC Profiles included 5 Profiles:-

Canon selphy bw icc

CP BW - a colour profile that optimises neutral colours – so will print a B&W image as B&W but a colour one in colour.

Canon selphy bw icc standard
CP BW Standard
Canon selphy bw icc hi contrast
CP BW Hi Contrast
Canon selphy bw icc cold
CP BW Cold
Canon selphy bw icc sepia
CP BW Sepia


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Soft Proofing/Adobe Photoshop Proof Colors, adjust the photo as your liking then print the photo with the printer manage the color.

How do I know if I got KP or RP materials?

If your cartridge/ribbon is a pure dark grey case then you got KP set, and if it is grey mixed white case you got the RP one.

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