Canon SELPHY ICC CP1300 CP1200 CP900 CP800 CP910 CP810

by Ken Tam published 2016/12/23 07:40:00 GMT+8, last modified 2017-09-19T06:03:47+08:00
CP ICC is an ICC Profile for Canon Selphy printer CP800, CP810, CP900, CP910, CP1000, CP1200, CP1300 for OSX / Windows. Lets print color right photographs with your beloved Selphy printer.


I have created a custom ICC profile for Canon SELPHY printers. Usage? Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Soft Proofing / Adobe Photoshop Proof Colors

I like to see everyone can print color right photographs from your CP printer, this icc are big time / cost saver for helping you to create a better print from CP printers

To buy the CP ICC profile v2 by Ken Tam Photography please click the button below.

PayPal USD 10


Please allow 1 - 4 days for me to reply your order, I may not access the network while traveling or working.

Canon SELPHY printer icc for

  • CP 800
  • CP 810
  • CP 820
  • CP 900
  • CP 910
  • CP 1000
  • CP 1200
  • CP 1300

*Buy now get free CP Sticker template for lightroom.


see our old thread in disqus.

Don't care if the file listed / name as CP800 icc... the file will work for all current Selphy printers. 

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