CP ICC is an ICC Profile for Canon Selphy printer CP800, CP810, CP900, CP910, CP1000, CP1200, CP1300 for OSX / Windows. Lets print color right photographs with your beloved Selphy printer.

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Printer

Save your Paper + Ink Cartridge

I have created a couple custom ICC profiles for Canon SELPHY printers.

I like to see everyone can print colour right photographs from your CP printer, this ICC file are big time/cost savings that helping you to create a better print from CP printers.

To buy the CP ICC profile v2 by Ken Tam Photography, please click the button below. (this is an ICC file for a computer and will not work on mobile phones.)

PayPal USD 10 / ICC KP or RP

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Download detail will be sent to your PayPal email address within 4 days, since I may not access my computer while travelling or working.

Canon SELPHY printer ICC for

  • CP 800
  • CP 810
  • CP 820
  • CP 900
  • CP 910
  • CP 1000
  • CP 1200
  • CP 1300
  • CP 1500 go here (new)

*Buy now, get free CP Sticker template for Lightroom.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Soft Proofing/Adobe Photoshop Proof Colours, adjust the photo as your liking, then print the photo with the printer to manage the colour.

How do I know if I got KP or RP materials?

If your cartridge/ribbon is a pure dark grey case then you got KP set, and if it is a grey mixed white case you got the RP one.

How about printing Black and White photos? 

Our BW ICC maybe what you are looking for, let's take a look

Sample? Compare? 

CP ICC vs default print from Photoshop

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Thank you for sending me a prompt reply. I downloaded the software and installed it for use with Adobe Lightroom. I also purchased a monitor calibration device and with your software and this device they allow me to match the quality and precision of colour management on the Selphy photos with what I see on my monitor. Thank you for providing this software. It is excellent and more than just worth the $10 I paid for it.

by Dennis Y.

The $10 already spent was a "night and day" miracle for my CP1300. Especially for skin colors (Nordic pale skin on the test image. Before your profile the poor girl looked like a smurf, after it's a perfect match).

by Svein S.

Wow, this is impressive! Thank you very much!

by Toma K.