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28 Nov 2021 Hong Kong

Sky Scape Hong Kong

I ♥️ HK, Hong Kong is so beautyful.

27 Nov 2021 Hong Kong

Cross harbour tunnel Hong Kong

Life, full of helplessness.

Today I have spent a few hours with a homeless man, and I end up by calling the social worker and hope they can resolve his problems.

26 Nov 2021 Hong Kong

2nd hand book store in SSP Hong Kong
Alamy 20211125 - OL13391641

In front of this 2nd hand book store have some special feelings, do I am time traveling?

25 Nov 2021 Hong Kong

Closed sex shop in Hong Kong
Alamy 20211111 - OL13385949

Sex was the best business in Hong Kong, but still couldn't survival in 2021.

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24 Nov 2021 Hong Kong

Street photography in TST Hong Kong

Colourful life.

23 Nov 2021 Hong Kong

Street photography in TST Hong Kong

007 is watching you.

I want to travel as old days before.

22 Nov 2021 Hong Kong

Street photography in Hung Hom, Hong Kong.
Alamy 20211117 - OL13367751

Game: Find wrong.

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