Why not much people using VERO app 2023

17 Jun 2023 Zhuhai, China

One of the reasons why people may choose not to use the Vero app is due to its strict policies against buying promotions or using bots to artificially inflate engagement. Unlike some other social media platforms that allow users to purchase promotions or employ automated tools to boost their visibility, Vero takes a strong stance against such practices. While these tactics may seem appealing to those seeking instant popularity or an unfair advantage, they undermine the authenticity and integrity of social interactions. Vero prioritizes genuine connections and meaningful content, discouraging the use of artificial means to manipulate engagement metrics. This policy aligns with the app's vision of fostering real and authentic connections between individuals. However, for users accustomed to relying on purchased promotions or bots to enhance their online presence, the absence of these options on Vero may discourage their adoption of the app. Nevertheless, for those seeking a more organic and genuine social media experience, Vero's strict policies against promotion buying and bot usage can be seen as a refreshing approach that promotes honest and meaningful interactions.

I still suggest take it a try and you may love it.

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