The decline of editorial photography: APEC 2023 group photograph raises concerns

The decline of editorial photography: APEC 2023 group photograph raises concerns

19 Nov 2023 Hong Kong

TLTR: Not every photograph you watch every day is up to standard.

In the fast-paced world of media coverage, editorial photography plays a crucial role in conveying the essence of significant events. The recent APEC 2023 summit, however, brought to light a concerning trend in the quality of editorial photography, particularly in the group photograph that fell short of the expected standards.

Capturing More Than Faces: The Essence of Editorial Photography

Editorial photography is more than just capturing faces; it's about encapsulating the atmosphere, the stories, and the spirit of the moment. The group photograph from APEC 2023, although capturing the individuals in the foreground, failed to extend its lens to the people in the back, leaving them figuratively and literally in the shadows.

The Unseen Faces: A Missed Opportunity

Behind every leader in the forefront, there are advisors, diplomats, and essential contributors who play crucial roles in shaping the narrative of the event. Unfortunately, the editorial photograph from APEC 2023 missed the opportunity to showcase the complete assembly, focusing solely on the prominent figures and neglecting those in the background.

Blocked Perspectives: A Symptom of a Larger Issue

The decision to publish the photograph despite its shortcomings raises questions about the current state of editorial standards. In an age where visual storytelling is paramount, compromising on the inclusivity and completeness of a photograph diminishes its impact and overall effectiveness.

A Call for Reevaluation: Striving for Excellence

As consumers of media, we should demand excellence in storytelling through visuals. A photograph should not only capture faces but also convey the depth and diversity of the moment. APEC 2023's group photograph serves as a reminder for media outlets to reevaluate their editorial photography standards and prioritize the comprehensive representation of events.

Conclusion: Raising the Bar for Editorial Excellence

While the APEC 2023 group photograph may be a missed opportunity, it serves as a catalyst for change. As consumers, we should be vocal in demanding higher standards for editorial photography, encouraging media outlets to prioritize the complete and inclusive representation of events. In doing so, we contribute to the preservation of the true essence of storytelling through visuals.

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