Initial Portrait Lighting Test of Godox R200 Ring Flash in Zhuhai China Studio

Ken Tam selfie

13 Feb 2023 China

As a professional photographer, finding the perfect lighting setup for portrait photography can be a challenge. That's why the team at Zhuhai China Studio was excited to test out the Godox R200 Ring Flash, a versatile and powerful lighting solution that promises to revolutionize portrait photography.

The Godox R200 Ring Flash is a 200W ring ling and 10W LED ring light that provides a unique and powerful lighting setup for portrait photography. The ring shape of the light provides a unique and flattering light that is perfect for highlighting the subject's face, making it an ideal choice for portrait photographers.

For our initial portrait lighting test, we set up the Godox R200 Ring Flash in our studio and connected it to the wireless remote control. The light was easy to set up, and the wireless remote control made it possible to adjust the light intensity without having to physically touch the light.

Once the light was set up, we began testing it out with a variety of different subjects and lighting setups. The results were incredible, with the Godox R200 Ring Flash providing bright and evenly distributed light that was perfect for capturing the detail and texture of our subjects' faces.

In conclusion, the Godox R200 Ring Flash is a powerful and versatile lighting solution that provides bright and evenly distributed light for portrait photographers. With its user-friendly interface, easy-to-use controls, and wireless remote control, it is the perfect lighting solution for photographers looking to enhance their portrait work. The Zhuhai China Studio team is extremely impressed with the results of our initial portrait lighting test and would highly recommend the Godox R200 Ring Flash to any professional photographer looking for a powerful and reliable lighting solution.

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