How to Take Great Street Photos? in 2023?

street photography in Hong Kong 2023

2 Jan 2023 Hong Kong

Street photography is a form of documentary photography that captures the public life of a city. Street photographers are not limited to taking pictures in the streets, but they can also take photos in other public places such as at parks, restaurants, and subways. Street photography has been around for decades and has become more popular in recent years because of social media. It is now easier for street photographers to get their work out there and be recognized for it. The best way to take good street photos is by following some simple guidelines: Before you start snapping photos, it is important to think about the story you want to tell. The shot will be interesting if it captures a moment in the everyday life of the city. Follow people around as they go about their day and do not take more than one photo of them at a time unless they are posing or stopping for a moment. Make sure you get close enough to your subject so that they can be seen clearly. Use natural light whenever possible.

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