Don't ask me why we ask for up front payment before any photography commission in China

29 Mar 2023 Zhuhai, China

Why you paid up front in McDonald's???

Here more and more KOL teaching people how to cheat for free photography in the social networks and here is just two examples.

Here is the translated version of one methord by google.

"Teach you a few tips for taking free photos. Did you find out? Some independent photographers on Xiaohongshu have taken good photos, but the prices are not very friendly. But no one’s money comes from the wind. I’ll give it to you today Here are a few tips from Jimei for taking pictures for free, so that everyone can easily get beautiful pictures for free Is it okay? Lin may agree with a photographer who is very congenial and soft-hearted. He may also gain a long-term cooperative friendship ~ (if the other party is fierce, just say that he is joking Dagou) and then remember to look for a photographer with an exaggerated style There is the biggest gap between the original film and the p-picture of this kind of photography by the teacher. In this way, after receiving the original film, you can refuse to pay the final payment on the grounds that it is too different from your imagination~ Meimei took the original picture to find Xiaohongshu Isn’t it good to retouch pictures for five yuan? At the end of the camp, if you are going on location, you can prepare a fake medical record in advance (believe in a certain Baoyu who is omnipotent)~ The question is that you suffered from heatstroke/frozen/bitten by mosquitoes when taking pictures. The method is also a way of refusing to pay the final payment. The photographer must be responsible for the injury caused by taking pictures"

Shame on Chinese smart!

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