DIY Godox AD-S200 Mod is finished S2 bracket adapter & tube clips for easy rotate

Godox AD-S200 mount for S Bracket adapter

Godox AD-S200 mount for S Bracket adapter

Godox AD-S200 easy rotate

30 Sep 2023 Zhuhai, China

Everything is work as planned, and not alter the lighting pattern.

  1. AD-S200 mount make the light in the center of S bracket and will not swing in all mount angle. Good for work alone for still life and using deep octa / parabolic soft box.
  2. AD-S200 tube mount mod 3D print, let you easy install / take off / rotate when the AD-S200 is mounted. (Note: the bran doors cannot complete close as protect cover if you're using thumb screw like my setting.) 

Happy Mod, Happy shooting.

As usual free share stuffs is no one care, I will send you the 3D print file of the tube clips and CAD file of the S2 adapter for USD35.

Write me when you're done the payment.

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