District council ordinary election session in Hong Kong

2023 street photogarphy in Hong Kong

4 Dec 2023 Hong Kong

The persistent noise emanating from the District Council Ordinary Election 2023 has disrupted the tranquility of my daytime hours, making it nearly impossible to find moments of rest and respite. The echoes of campaign activities, enthusiastic speeches, and the general buzz of electoral fervor infiltrate every corner of my surroundings, creating an incessant hum that permeates the atmosphere. The clash between the democratic process and the desire for a peaceful day underscores the challenges of harmonizing civic engagement with the need for personal rejuvenation. As the campaign season unfolds, the struggle to find a quiet space amidst the electoral commotion becomes a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between active civic participation and the essential pursuit of moments of calm and relaxation during the day.

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