Corporate photography promotion in Hong Kong

15 Nov 2022 Hong Kong

Every day there are a couple cold calls asking, "Do you want to promote your corporate photography service on the internet?" Normally, I will just tell them that I am busy now and then hang up. Just now, I am free. So this time I decided to chat with them. I asked, "How do you know my contact information?" She tells me she sees my information on the internet. Ok, and I ask her what promotional service she can do for me? and she says I should have impressions on the internet that I don't yet have, i.e., Google, Facebook, etc. I ask her, "Do CEOs have time to look over Facebook and find a photographer for their corporate photos?" She says nothing. I ask her one more time, "Where do you see my information and know that I am a commercial photographer that provides corporate photography services?" She said, "Google!" Ok, I am a bit mad since she found me on Google and asked me to create impressions there about my corporate photography service! So I finally hang up without saying goodbye!

What does this story tell us? People who say they can promote corporate photography for you actually have no idea how corporates work, and they just call everyone on the list in the Google search result and tell you should create an impression there. WTF? BTW, there is also another internet scam that I hate a lot: "The 12 Best Photographers in Hong Kong (from $800 per project)". How do they qualify them as the best photographers in Hong Kong, and does those best photographer cost 100 times less than real professional photographers?

Sorry, guys; please forgive all my BS. I think I am too tired after a long day (over 15 hours on my corporate photography website). And this has put me in a bad mood. I need some sleep. see you soon.

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