3 Lights headshot for my niece in my Zhuhai, China home studio

21 Jul 2023 Zhuhai, China

Normally I don't list my equipments for doing photography, but as people want to know… so…

2 x Godox AD200

1 in phottix easy up softbox as rim

1 with R200 ring flash as fill

1 x Godox AD300 pro with silver beauty dish as key

And most important is a Sekonic 508c light meter.

In the world of portrait photography, achieving the perfect headshot often relies on a carefully balanced interplay of lighting techniques. A popular and effective approach to creating a stunning headshot is the "3 light setup." This setup utilizes three different light sources to accentuate the subject's features and bring out their natural beauty.

First and foremost, the key light is a beauty dish—an essential component of this setup. Positioned strategically above or slightly to the side of the subject, the beauty dish casts a soft, flattering light that highlights facial contours while reducing harsh shadows. It creates a captivating glow that adds a touch of elegance to the overall image.

Next comes the ring flash, serving as the fill light. Placed directly in front of the camera lens, the ring flash bathes the subject's face with gentle, diffused light, helping to eliminate any unwanted shadows and providing an even, balanced illumination. By filling in the shadows, the ring flash ensures a well-lit and captivating headshot.

Lastly, the kick light is introduced using a rectangular softbox placed behind and to the side of the subject. This light source provides a subtle yet essential highlight to the subject's hair or shoulders, separating them from the background and adding a three-dimensional depth to the portrait.

The harmonious combination of the beauty dish, ring flash, and rectangular softbox in the 3 light headshot setup produces an exceptional headshot that radiates a perfect blend of natural beauty and professional finesse. Whether it's for corporate headshots, editorial features, or creative portraiture, this lighting arrangement remains a go-to choice for photographers seeking to capture the essence and allure of their subjects.

Jul 22, 2023 04:53 AM

Great and clean headshot photography lighting, thanks for share bro.

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