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by Ken Tam published 2016/12/23 18:49:00 GMT+8, last modified 2020-09-27T02:48:36+08:00
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Who love your photogarphy?

by Ken Tam published 2020/09/21 02:05:00 GMT+8, last modified 2020-09-21T16:05:07+08:00

The net is now full of post about "Nobody Cares About Your Photography" and "No One Cares About Your Instagram Feed"... ba ba ba.

For me the answer is simple, The one who commissioned you ;)

Asked: Weight of AD1200 Pro

by Ken Tam published 2020/09/20 17:28:00 GMT+8, last modified 2020-09-20T17:53:22+08:00

Weight of AD1200 Pro

AD1200 Pro weight

Head 2.1+

Battery 1.3+

Pack 4.51 =

7.91 Kg

Portrait photography without makeup

by Ken Tam published 2020/09/19 23:59:00 GMT+8, last modified 2020-10-02T19:30:31+08:00

Portrait of Kat L.

Father and son in Zhuhai

by Ken Tam published 2020/09/19 09:08:16 GMT+8, last modified 2020-09-19T09:08:16+08:00

Street photography in Zhuhai by Hong Kong Corporate, editorial and Portrait Photographer Ken Tam

AC Adapter for AD1200Pro arrived

by Ken Tam published 2020/09/18 23:56:00 GMT+8, last modified 2020-09-19T00:02:45+08:00

AC Adapter for AD1200Pro

Init test it work great with AD1200 pro ;)

But it cannot work together with the carrying bag... need to find some way to hang the pack over the stand while using this AC adapter.

Note: Pentax with Godox X series trigger

by Ken Tam published 2020/09/18 15:44:09 GMT+8, last modified 2020-09-18T15:44:09+08:00

Just A,B,C group can be use for TTL / P-TTL photography other groups just for Manual flash / Off

Thanks from industrial photography client

by Ken Tam published 2020/09/18 10:57:00 GMT+8, last modified 2020-09-18T11:08:00+08:00

Souvenir from Logwin China after the industrial photoshot

Souvenir from Park L. Logwin China after the industrial photoshot ;)

Thanks again for his help to let the photoshot running smoothly.

Color checker shelf life?

by Ken Tam published 2020/09/17 18:24:00 GMT+8, last modified 2020-09-17T18:28:21+08:00

Our new vs old colorchecker passport show different -150k to -200(wear out) color temperature and darken color patches can be see by naked eye.

You should always provide a fresh color checker to your photography client.

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