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by Ken Tam published 2016/12/23 18:49:00 GMT+8, last modified 2019-02-19T10:57:15+08:00
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Zhuhai fashion

by Ken Tam published 2019/04/10 23:37:37 GMT+8, last modified 2019-04-10T23:37:37+08:00

Street photography in Zhuhai

Photographer scammer alert!

by Ken Tam published 2019/04/10 07:35:00 GMT+8, last modified 2019-04-10T07:41:42+08:00


My name is David Netto and I’m a contributor/writer on Town & Country Mag ( I’m looking for a professional photographer to produce an independent outdoor fashion photo shoot for the magazine. 

As the photographer, you will concept, shoot, and produce 50 images, featuring 10 plus size models as selected by the Client. You will be required to work with a hair/makeup artist and a wardrobe stylist, and bring a smart, fun approach and distinctly “Town & Country Mag" style. 

If you find this interesting enough, please apply with personal info and samples of your work. 

Double check with David Netto and there is no such assignment.

And the scam email is from [email protected]


Macau eye

by Ken Tam published 2019/04/10 00:13:46 GMT+8, last modified 2019-04-10T00:13:46+08:00

Street photography in Macau

Zhuhai father and son

by Ken Tam published 2019/04/09 04:39:20 GMT+8, last modified 2019-04-09T04:39:20+08:00

Street photography in Zhuhai


by Ken Tam published 2019/04/08 17:20:45 GMT+8, last modified 2019-04-08T17:20:45+08:00

Street photography in Zhuhai

Don't waste you time with YDRV

by Ken Tam published 2019/04/07 19:15:53 GMT+8, last modified 2019-04-07T19:15:53+08:00

Since there is a nondisclosure agreement, I cannot tell you too much details. Just save your time / life will be fine.

Zhuhai shoot the butt

by Ken Tam published 2019/04/07 15:02:30 GMT+8, last modified 2019-04-07T15:02:30+08:00

Street photography in Zhuhai

Zhuhai lantern

by Ken Tam published 2019/04/07 04:04:54 GMT+8, last modified 2019-04-07T04:04:54+08:00

Street photography in Zhuhai