Zoomable Bowens adaptor for AD200 (H200R)

by Ken Tam published 2018/09/01 03:47:12 GMT+8, last modified 2018-09-01T03:47:12+08:00

Jinbei ET-1 with AD200

Jinbei ET-1 with AD200

Today I just receive the Godox H200R and it make me think of the profoto recessed flash tube system...

As my memory, I have couple of Jinbei ET-1 in store room, time to revisit and see if I can use it to simulate the zoom of profoto system, I have test this monster with a few light modifiers, included Jinbei / glow 70 degree magnum reflector and as all test result the effect is just minimal... So we now understand that the Profoto D1 / D2 / B1x / B2 is not quite Zoomable then their A1 haha

People do remind me that I can actually zoom with the s type bracket, but do they do it before? Do they know how profoto system zoom?!?!

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