reBlog: Woman suing Chipotle for more than $2 billion over use of photo

by Ken Tam published 2017/01/10 05:12:00 GMT+8, last modified 2017-07-09T21:36:35+08:00

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DENVER -- A California woman is suing Chipotle for more than $2.2 billion for using a photo of her that she alleges the company never had permission to use.

The lawsuit, filed by Leah Caldwell of Sacramento, names Denver-based Chipotle, CEO Steve Ells and photographer Steve Adams as defendants.

Caldwell claims Adams took a photo of her sitting in a Chipotle restaurant in Denver sometime in the late summer or early fall of 2006 without her knowledge. The complaint states Adams asked Caldwell to sign a release form as she exited the restaurant, but Caldwell refused.

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Don't try to gamble and use photograph without permission.

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