reBlog: It’s the photographer not the price

by Ken Tam published 2018/07/08 15:04:00 GMT+8, last modified 2018-07-08T15:06:00+08:00

If one professional is saying they will do the work for $100 per hour and another is quoting you $200 per hour, your instinct shouldn’t immediately jump to the one offering the lowest price.

As an example, maybe the higher-priced solution has the learnings from a 20 year career vs. a 5 year career, to help you avoid more known pitfalls that you don’t even see coming. Or, they have helped 20 clients succeed in similar situations, vs. 2 clients succeed . . .

 George Deeb, Forbes

Good post, and social media + self medias make people believe every photog is now the same even someone who buy their camera gear for just a month ;) thats why mess the client's wisdom.

Welcome to new photography age ;)

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