Note of the last corporate photography in Dongguan China

by Ken Tam published 2020/09/14 02:35:00 GMT+8, last modified 2020-09-18T10:00:15+08:00

Behind the scenes of corporate photogarphy in dongguan China

Client want professional photographs for their annual report that show the tuck load process in China... the photography must be take place while their live operation... we have not much time for posing and setup lighting etc.

We resolve this with an AD1200 Pro + Deep umbrella

  • Deep umbrella mean faster setup in each spot
  • 1200ws good enough to work under bright sun (overpower the sun)
  • Battery powered flash mean no cable run across the field
  • TTL  / Radio control trigger mean no assistant running around with my Sekonic meter
  • HSS mean better control the DOF / Contrast between the target and the background

Modern technology and accumulated experience do really help us to create images that may not be so smoothly before, and that's why we always investing in knowledge and latest equipment.

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