Lockdown period updates

by Ken Tam published 2020/05/05 14:51:00 GMT+8, last modified 2020-05-05T15:41:12+08:00

Case 1

A couple want some glamour portrait photography for their lady in Beijing while I am now in Zhuhai, Guangdong. I do offer them some options included do their shoot by my associate photographer currently in Beijing. I don't have much hope of that since they email me the subject with "Price quote", and I am actually difficult to travel around as usual.

Case 2

A keen makeup artist in Zhuhai, looking for free photography for her business, I turn her down by referring her to some man with camera who is willing to work for free... and finally there is nothing happening... now-a-day many photographers do work for free and pretend as a busy photographer, I really don't know why they do that. 

No news is good news? but this is bad for a photographer ;)

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