Fashion, catalog photography solution in China

by Ken Tam published 2020/10/27 21:39:00 GMT+8, last modified 2020-10-28T22:29:23+08:00

Ken Tam fashion photoshoot bts godox profoto shenzhen china

Ken Tam fashion photoshoot bts godox profoto 2 shenzhen china

Ken Tam fashion video shoot bts Aputure light

Ken Tam fashion photography BTS profoto elinchrom

Ken Tam fashion photoshoot BTS profoto godox shenzhen

Ken Tam 时尚摄影现场 6

Ken Tam BTS fashion photography in shenzhen studio china profoto godox

Ken Tam fashion photoshoto profoto elinchrom shenzhen china

Photography Kat Lau

Why I am commissioned for this photoshoot and we(one of my assistant and me) has to travel from Zhuhai to Shenzhen China for this fashion shoot? Does Shenzhen don't have photographer(s)?

It's because I am good for planning / manage flexibly and indeed know how to light ;)

Part of the difficulty for this photoshoot is the photographer have to do the scouting and create a production plan for the whole photoshoot based on client's requirements... by picking the right but limited lights and light modifiers (not as their usual just has some flash light / flashing / show off) within the first half day, then we have to execute the shoot next day within a limited budget which offered by the middle man but not the client(you know what I mean here is China).

The real shoot

The client tells the middle man that how bad the photographs she got from their last photo shoot, and this time is completely different because the SOOC photographs showing on the screen of an almost broken MBP owned by the middle man is what she is looking for... for a long time.

We have completed the photo shot as planned although there are many different obstructions in between and most by the middle man and one of the photographic assistant provided by the middle man. 

For people who care about the gears ;)

  • Godox AD300 pro (by me from Zhuhai)
  • Godox AD1200 pro (by me from Zhuhai)
  • Godox projection set (by me from Zhuhai)
  • Profoto D1 500
  • Profoto white softlight Beauty Dish Reflector
  • Profoto umbrella deep L
  • Elinchrom style RX 1200
  • 180cm parabolic umbrella (not deep) with diffuser
  • Sekonic 758 DR (by me from Zhuhai)
  • X-Rite color checker (by me from Zhuhai)
  • Rosco gels (by me from Zhuhai)
  • Many different light stands
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