Don't offer me 0 photography budget! Again!!

by Ken Tam published 2017/01/14 05:52:00 GMT+8, last modified 2017-01-18T23:09:23+08:00

I am not a quotation machine that help your paper works or price research. All I can help you in my role is to create and deliver you great photographs and that make your boss appreciate your taste.

The works showing in this website is great photographs I created for clients within their investment. Their photographs is made with many different kind / scale of productions (it mean very different price in your term).

I will prefer to get a realistic fair budget in the init stage... that will save boths time(I understand... maybe your time is already sell to your boss, but I am not part of your game). Shoots will never happen if we are dreaming in different level. We want to shoot more instead of playing such games again and again in 2017, please understand and contact us as soon as you really want to work with me.

Thanks You. 

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