Corporate headshot photographer in Hong Kong and the change of covid-19

by Ken Tam published 2020/04/17 21:49:00 GMT+8, last modified 2020-04-17T22:41:05+08:00

Behind the scenes of corporate hedshot photogarphy in Hong Kong by Ken Tam

I use to be corporate headshot photographer in Hong Kong, and this is my main business in my pass 20 years. Since the covid-19 I am now stuck in Zhuhai, China. I turn down jobs from Hong Kong even they really want me to go back ;). For the current lock-down period lets find something to do in Zhuhai... although here people don't need really professional headshots. But without the freedom of travel, that really only way to go.

Take care everyone, please stay safe and healthy.... will go work for you soon.

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