Cheaper photography?

by Ken Tam published 2018/08/01 02:43:00 GMT+8, last modified 2018-08-01T02:51:29+08:00

Cheaper photography mean

No or not enough time for pre production... lead to... surprises during the shoot or afterward.

No or not enough assistant(s)... lead to... no or not enough equipments and setup possibility... normally the first equipment to cut is backup equipments then second is lighting equipments etc.

No or not so right make up artist... lead to... you look cheap or ugly

No or low mood of the photographer... lead to.. lif your face with some stock lighting setup (not custom for your face), don't coaching enough or play tricks to make your expression speak for the photograph etc.

Don't calibrate the session with colour checker, and not run professional workflow afterward, normally give you all the files... it mean the photography don't even want to spend a sec. to review what he just captured.

Capture thousands of JPG as your brief, but create zero useable / hero shot. 

Auto post processing... lead to deliver strange colour HDR trendy pictures. ;)

Don't have document about your usage right... lead to law suit afterward.

Here is just a small list of the side effects affect by cheap photography, if you want I can tell you more face to face.

I really hate cheap photography, and I don't know why you still want it.


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