Another happy boudoir portrait photography client

by Ken Tam published 2019/05/13 23:21:41 GMT+8, last modified 2019-05-13T23:21:41+08:00

Boudoir photography client's thanks you

Just finish the photo retouch and delivered to the client who commission me for a boudoir + portrait photography session in Macau (yesterday).

Client tell me her last photographer take weeks for the process... and I asked is she do paid her photographer weeks of wage ;)

Anyway as usual we made another happy client... and what I believe is if we can fix everything in front of the len... we don't need to spare any time for SAVE the shots afterward(like those new age photographer do). Maybe I am old school... but in fact without those machine gun shots(new way portrait photography) that really make the client worry during the session :P