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Kissing via video chat

Kissing via video chat


If all photographs become like that

landscape photography changed sky

Will you still like them?

Haitian Post house 2021

Haitian Post house 2021

Slow walk in Zhuhai.

Hong Kong style massage?

Hong Kong have no such thing.

For the memory of Zhuhai department store

Zhuhai shopping mall 2012

Zhuhai department store 2012


Asked: Professional photog shoot Pentax

Are you Pentaxian?

Yes, I shoot exclusive Pentax since 1995. 90% of corporate, advertising, portrait photographs you see in this website is shoot by Pentax. 10% is client offered camera or rental equipment for other reason.

Fish with tag

Fish with tags


On location photo print

Double coating the photo for what?

They clearly show you they don't know what they are doing.

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