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Business in Zhuhai

Ken Tam street photography in Zhuhai China business

Slow walk in Zhuhai, branded shops don't have much business. People all go to small local shops.

Asked: CP ICC vs Direct print from Photoshop

Original photo of Ken Tam and Kat Lau
Original photo of Ken Tam and Kat Lau
CP ICC vs default print from Photoshop

I know you guys have asked for many times, and I finally got time to take a photograph to show the different between print with CP ICC vs default print from Photoshop. Sorry for the late. 

Zhuhai night

Ken Tam street photography in Zhuhai China zhuhai night

Zhuhai is a very special place, if you go twitter and see the trend of #珠海 you will understand people here just want sex and or hunger for fuck... there are no other things else... and twitter allow that, even ccp not care about that.

Cityscape photography in Zhuhai China TBT

Ken Tam cityscape photography in Zhuhai China
Sunset photography in Zhuhai CBD 20210212

This two-days weather is petty bad, missing good weather. Want to go out for photography.

Scenes down stair

Street photography in Zhuhai China Pearl

I pass this scene almost everyday in the pass 10 years, today I finally stop and take a photo of it.

Photography in China seems change a lot in the pass 10 years, I start don't understand.

Lantern Festival night

Lantern Festival  food photography in Zhuhai China

This year Lantern Festival I am still stuck in Zhuhai, China. How about you?

Artistic portrait photography

 Expired color checker passport for Artistic portrait photography Ken Tam - Corporate, editorial & portrait photographer in China

While they say, a shoot with expired film will result in art. How about shoot with an expired color checker? I am now offering you the most, and only artistic portrait photography with my expired color checker passport, contact me if you are in.

Food stock photo photography

Food photographer in Macau
Stock photo #20210224-_KEN0274

First time try LED for food photography, result so far so good.

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