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by Ken Tam published 2016/12/23 01:00:00 GMT+8, last modified 2019-02-15T02:15:30+08:00
Recommended reading for those who are new to handling a photographic project.

To request an estimate for the work that you are planning, please got to the commission form and send me an email with as much information as possible about your requirements.

If you are unsure about the kind of information that it's useful for me to have in order to prepare an estimate for your photographic project, please read the following summary.

NB: These points are biased towards the requirements of a commercial fashion shoot, but many areas are applicable to other commercial shoots, such as advertising or product photography.


If you're taking the approach that simply requesting a photographer's "rate" will help you select a photographer for your project, please move on now! Going about finding a photographer like you might go about finding a plumber or a garage means that you're probably going to end up with a pretty functional experience, with results to match.

If you're reading this far, though, I'm guessing that you've already taken the time to view my portfolio, you've liked the work you've seen, and you'd like to find out more about the my work approach.

In order to be able to prepare an estimate for your shoot,  it's quite important for me to have an idea of your budget; an idea of what you have to spend on any project. Without this, it's completely pointless to try and put anything like a plan together for a day, even a half day, at a location or at a studio. My daily rate is flexible, and I'm prepared to offer very competitive rates to new customers, in order to strike up a new working relationship - but I must have an idea of what funding is available for the work you require.

I can also propose the locations / studio / models / make-up artist and other crew members with the price level that close to your budget, but still ensure the professional result.

Shoot Duration

How long does the shoot lasts, needs to last, or can last, depends on a great many variable, including your budget, how many products or combination of products you have to photograph, how many models you want to feature, how many variations in lighting, background, props, hair and make-up etc. To start with, let me have a breakdown of the number of products you have to photograph, and then work out roughly how many shots that equates to. For example, outfit in full-length, plus detail of the cuff and outfit pose with a shoe all on the same set of background and lighting will result 3 different shots.

Style and Branding

Do you have an established style of photography for your brand, or do you want to try a different approach?

Can you describe the kind of products you have to photograph? (e.g. Party wear, business wear, casual outdoor wear, sexy under wear etc.)

Can you give me a brief description of your brand's image?

Can you provide an examples of what styles you like?

Do you have any specific (e.g. seasonal) themes or message that you want to include in the images?

Do you require a studio or location shoot? (Sometimes, establishing a strong image and look is much easier to do by shooting at a outdoor location or it might be at another interior location, like a bar, cafe, hotel room, or other place. I'm happy to suggest locations for your shoot, but to do so I'd need to know a little more about your brand and the products you have to photograph).

Talent / Model

Do you want to feature models in your shoot?

How many models do you think you would like to feature?

Can you give me a breakdown of ideal physical looks / hair / skin color etc. ?

Would you like me to assist in locate the model and or the model casting? (I can do anything from merely attend a casting at a location of your choice, to arranging the casting location myself and briefing model agencies, etc).

The Crew

Would you like me to arrange any of the following crew member for the shoot?

  • Clothes Stylist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Make-up Artist


I normally work from location to rental studio in Hong Kong / Macau / Shenzhen / Goungzhou. My estimate to you will be based upon shooting at those locations, unless you require the shoot to be elsewhere.

Image Delivery

How would you like the images delivered - as unedited images direct from the camera, or do you require them to be retouched?

Rates for post-production and retouching are affected by the format we shoot on, the degree of retouching you require, and your timescale. It may only be possible to supply you with an estimate for retouching AFTER the shoot has taken place and the images is selected.

Usage and Size of the Final Image

The final usage of the image will dictate our minimum technical spec requirements for the shoot (larger final uses require higher spec image capture, you may hear about large format photography). Please specify the  maximum size of the images might be use for?

If your images are to be used in a printed environment or in advertising, please specify the press run and which countries will the images appear in?

Time frame

Please let me have your deadline for receiving the images.


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