How much is a photograph?

by Ken Tam published 2016/12/23 05:54:00 GMT+8, last modified 2017-07-29T08:18:13+08:00
It is a hard question I face everyday, let me show you some insider information.

You don't actually buy a photograph, you paid for the usage license fee.

Alamy fees

For commercial usage, see column 7 the usage detail and result the column 8 of the fee in USD.

Art print fee

For art print situation, the column 3 show the size, and column 4 is the fee in USD.

How can the same image have different licensing fees?

Photographers price their work based on the creative and production needs of each project, in combination with the specific use of the images. It is true: The exact same image can cost different amounts based on what is needed by different kinds of clients.

Consider, for instance, a photograph of a coffee cup in a nice setting with a book and some flowers. One-time editorial rights in a regional magazine would cost significantly less than a nationally run ad for a large coffee house chain. The creative and production requirements for the assignment are identical, but the use is dramatically different.

It would be pretty likely that, for the same image, the editorial use is billed at a fraction of the advertising rate. The use is the primary factor in determining the fee.

And what about production costs?

Production needs can vary greatly as well. Is a permit needed to shoot in a specific location? Are assistants needed? Will special props need to be selected or will you use what is on-site? Are you lighting to document the subject or create a mood? Is an extreme time of day needed to pull the image off successfully? All these and more must be considered when pricing the production end of any assignment.