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What AI can do with portrait photography

Portrait photography AI smile retouch

AI. Everyone is now talking about AI, what can AI affect the portrait photography? Here is one of the samples that use AI to generate a portrait photograph to become smile. ;P

11 Sep 2021 Hong Kong

Covid-19 life in Hong Kong

Hope this kind of life done soon.

BTS: Fashion photography in Shenzhen China

ACC ad campaign photography in Shenzhen China, Finally have time for a quick edit.

Macbook Air M1 for professional photographer arrived

Calibrate Macbook Air M1 Display

First thing first we need to calibrate the Macbook Air M1 LCD display, although it's not prefect for professional photo retouching, but we still need to calibrate it to allow best color reproduction on site.

For people who want to ask the configuration. 8CPU / 8GPU / 16GB ram / 1TB SSD, don't just trust those KOL who tell you 8GB system ram is good enough.

7 Sep 2021 Hong Kong

Old and young portrait of Hong Kong street photography

I own knowledge that have no standard to justify, and no need to justify.

6 Sep 2021 Hong Kong

Street photography in Hong Kong

Time to start over... this is a non-stop loop, maybe a photographer's life is like that? Who knows.

5 Sep 2021 Hong Kong

Street photography in Hong Kong

Finally pull the trigger to order a MacBook air m1custom do need 20 days to deliver

3 Sep 2021 Hong Kong

street photography in Hong Kong 2021

New ooh advertising photography project come in, lets see if we can take the project.

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