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Let's start over when you are stuck

Ken Tam street photography in Zhuhai China Falling Duck

Time to restart when your are fallen down.

Don't let the net control your photography

Ken Tam studio still photography in Zhuhai China flower

Following your heart will make you a better photographer.

Looking for Makeup artist around Zhuhai

Ken Tam ad campaign photography in Shenzhen China behind the scenes

A professional makeup artist is difficult to find in Zhuhai, China. So do professional photographer like me.

Mua with experiences of commercial photography pls write me

Ditched disqus?

Ken Tam street photography in Zhuhai China online time

Yes, that's good for everyone... Especially privacy concerns now waked up humans. If you need to talk, you can write me directly.

If you are insist, you can find the "Canon SELPHY CP800 CP810 CP820 CP900 CP910 CP1200 ICC Profile" thread here.

Food photography in Zhuhai

Ken Tam food photography in Zhuhai China roll cake
Stock photo #20210104-_KEN9184
Food photography in Zhuhai

Chinese new year stock photo

Ken Tam editorial photography Zhuhai China Chinese new year
Stock photo #20210206-_KEN9529

Chinese new year 2021

Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel stock photo

Ken Tam stock photo Zhuhai China Zhuhai holiday resort hotel
Stock photo #20210214-_KEN0051

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