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"Sky Replaced" photos is right

I just upload a "Sky Replaced" photograph to my stock agency(Alamy), and it got the pass of QC right away even the lighting of the buildings is in a wrong direction.Thanks for Adobe and other software developers, now we are in the new era of how we can fake the story, just like those fake big boobs and ridiculous long legs girl photographs in social media, and they got more likes than a formal well-done portrait.

Note: Sad

New landscape photography

New landscape 1

New landscape 2

Whatever you like it or not, they are here. Welcome to the era of new landscape photography for everyone. The good is now we can make thousand of different T-shirt print with just one base photo... do you want a Tee from me? Sure it will be a limited edition.

NOTE: Time to re-think.

OLD Zhuhai holiday resort hotel

Old zhuhai holiday resort hotel

Asked: How to make HSS work with cable

TTL cable for pentax

Yes, check out my set.

  • 3ft cable
  • 9ft cable
  • TTL connectors

You may not need this except the location of the portrait photography is jam seriously and difficult to use wireless flash trigger. But😎  as a professional photographer we always good to have a plan BI had used this once couple years ago on an editorial photography project for a UK magazine in CIMC China.

NOTE: There is no plan B for cheap photography client.


Passion of photography

Poor elephants

Poor elephants Haibin Park street photography by Ken Tam

Haibin park, Zhuhai


Street photography in Zhuhai

Suddenly want to shoot film

Pentax flagship film camera MZ-S with limited 43mm lens

In 2004 Zhuhai, the 2nd princess is robed by the thief and till now still not return.

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