Zhuhai opera house stock photo

Ken Tam stock photo Zhuhai opera house #20210220-_KEN0118-Edit
Stock photo #20210220-_KEN0118-E

Excuse me for calling this my digital art work named "Sun rise" instead of my photography. Since now everyone is wrong about photography, I have to do an epic shot once to prove to the fools that I also can do it, which is actually very sad.

This is a photograph showing my vision and creativity. If you do a google search of Zhuhai opera house, you will not find one photograph with the same angle/idea. I have spent a week for the preparations, including location scouting, pre-production planning of how to do the photography to create the image in my brain, selecting the right photography gears i.e. FOV, shutter speed, etc., and then adding those surreal retouch with a planned software. Besides the over donned eye candy touch up (but this is the current trend right?), all the process is my photography style.

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