Real life street photography in Zhuhai, China

street photography in Zhuhai China 2023

street photography in Zhuhai China 2023

21 May 2023 Zhuhai, China

Ken Tam is a passionate photographer who has embarked on an awe-inspiring daily street photography project in the vibrant city of Zhuhai, China. Armed with his trusty camera, he wanders through the bustling streets, capturing the essence and beauty of everyday life. From the lively markets brimming with colorful produce to the narrow alleyways adorned with intricate graffiti, Ken's lens captures the authentic spirit of Zhuhai. With each click, he freezes moments in time, immortalizing the stories and emotions that unfold before him. Through his lens, Ken offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Zhuhai's cultural heritage, capturing the essence of its people, their customs, and the ever-changing urban landscape. His project not only showcases the beauty of Zhuhai but also serves as a visual diary, celebrating the diversity and vitality of this enchanting city.

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