New corporate portrait photography in Shenzhen, China commissioned by Avolon

7 Dec 2023 Hong Kong

The project was canceled due to their Head of Communications being unwilling to admit what they had agreed to before. Ask for far more, but refuse to pay more after sending us payment. I just refunded it and refused the commission. I will keep the email transcript and take action as needed.

We will shoot their director in Shenzhen, China next week.

So next week will be a busy week...

Capturing a headshot for a corporate director within tight constraints necessitates meticulous pre-production planning to guarantee a seamless photoshoot devoid of unexpected challenges. Professional photographers understand the paramount importance of thorough preparation in such scenarios. From scouting the location to coordinating with the director on wardrobe choices, every detail is scrutinized in advance to ensure optimal use of the limited time available. This proactive approach not only minimizes disruptions during the photoshoot but also allows for a focused and efficient session, maximizing the potential for capturing a compelling and professional headshot. The ability to anticipate and address potential issues beforehand is a hallmark of a seasoned photographer's skill, emphasizing the significance of comprehensive pre-production in delivering exceptional results within constrained circumstances.

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