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Don't burn the books

Street photography in Hong Kong 2022

3 Jul 2022 Hong Kong

History in Hong Kong now meet up by dignitaries.

Busy hour in Hong Kong light rail

2 Jul 2022 Hong Kong

Typhoon signal 8 in Hong Kong now.

2nd SanDisk extreme pro crack

2nd SanDisk extreme pro crack

This happens 2 times within 1 year, seems some issue with their ultrasonic stitching, the last one become pieces when eject from the camera and the shop refuse to repair and tell me it's because of incorrect use. Do you SanDisk extreme pro act like the same? 

Light rail platform

Street photography in 2022 Hong Kong

1 Jul 2022 Hong Kong

When I see the platform terriers, I have a sense of separation. Maybe it's because I left my home for so long time. 

Deep format SD card before you trash it

SD Memory Card Formatter screen shot

Professional photographer like us is very care about client's privacy, so every SD card we are going to trash should be deep (Overwrite format).

Light rail life in Hong Kong

Street photography in Hong Kong 2022

30 Jun 2022 Hong Kong

Maybe I am BS too much, or maybe you are missing my photograph, here you are.

No more sandisk

Today I have buy another extreme pro card with 200MBps, and finally leaded me to find out this video. Sandisk is a fine card, but their marketing confused their user without a simple answer.

We are professional photographer mean time is money, and our time is not for doing lab test for so call professional products.

ORICO-CDH-9N card reader review

30MBps + read for a SanDisk extreme pro SD card is kinda disappoint.

You need a faster USB-A card reader will up the speed to like 80MBps+

New photography project with Exakta iia

Exakta iia camera in Hong Kong

A roll of BW film, trusted Sekonic light meter, some good coffee. Let's dance, hopefully take some street portrait photographs.

City portrait

28 Jun 2022 Hong Kong

New black and white film photography project will be using  Exakta VX IIa camera next.

ORICO-CDH-9N init review

Little white noise in headphone output, not good for professional music works.

Our portrait photography

Street photography in Hong Kong 2022

27 Jun 2022 Hong Kong

Our portrait photography is… if in terms of music, our portrait is warm and acoustic.

Sad, but ok

Street photography in Hong Kong 2022

26 Jun 2022 Hong Kong

Wedding photographer now also tab themselves as corporate photographer / corporate portrait photographer in Hong Kong. WTF!

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