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Note about the lighting setup of 2024 couple portrait photography in Zhuhai, China studio

20 Feb 2024 Hong Kong

TLTR; Our 2024 couple portrait photography session, which uses a 300ws flash with a beauty dish as the key light, and a 200ws ring flash as the fill light in the axis, is proving to be an effective and popular lighting setup.

The Art of Studio Portrait Photography

Studio portrait photography is a delicate dance of light and shadow. It's about capturing not just the physical likeness of a subject, but their personality, essence, and emotions as well. The lighting setup plays a crucial role in this process, shaping the mood, depth, and texture of the image. And the combination of a 300ws flash with a beauty dish and a 200ws ring flash is what I want.

The 300WS Flash with Beauty Dish as Key Light

The key light, being the primary light source, sets the tone for the image. It defines the subject, highlighting their features and creating depth and contrast. Using a 300ws flash with a beauty dish as the key light. This combination creates a soft, diffused light that wraps around the subject, creating a gentle gradient of light and shadow that is both flattering and dramatic.

The beauty dish’s unique design offers a balance between the hard light of a direct flash and the softer light of a softbox. When used with a 300ws flash, it produces a light that is powerful enough to define the subject, yet soft enough to keep the shadows in check. It's ideal for capturing the intricate details and nuances of the human face, making it a popular choice for studio portrait photographers.

The 200WS Ring Flash as Fill Light

While the key light sets the stage, the fill light fills in the shadows, reducing contrast and revealing more detail in the darker areas of the image. Use a 200ws ring flash as the fill light in axis. The ring flash, known for its even, shadow-less illumination, softens the shadows created by the key light, providing a more balanced and flattering light.

Positioning the ring flash in axis with the lens ensures an even spread of light across the subject, eliminating harsh shadows and providing a more uniform light. This technique is particularly useful in studio portrait photography, where controlling shadows and maintaining detail is essential.


The Using a 300ws flash with a beauty dish as the key light and a 200ws ring flash as the fill light in axis is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of studio portrait photography. This lighting setup strikes a balance between drama and detail, contrast and uniformity, creating portraits that are both visually striking and emotionally resonant. As we continue to explore and experiment with lighting in the world of studio portrait photography, this trend offers an exciting avenue for creating captivating portraits.

Family portrait photography in Zhuhai, China is done

Self portrait photography of Ken Tam and Kat L. in Zhuhai, China studio 2024

13 Feb Zhuhai, China

Couple self-portrait photography is difficult but fun. 


Capturing a couple self-portrait in photography can be both challenging and exciting, as it requires a delicate balance between portraying one's unique connection while mastering the technical aspects of the craft. Nevertheless, the enjoyment derived from freezing special moments shared between partners makes it all worthwhile. Recently, we undertook the ambitious task of creating our family portrait during the Chinese New Year holiday in 2024. The occasion allowed us to showcase our bond while incorporating traditional elements symbolic of the festivity. This endeavor provided not only a beautiful picture to treasure, but also a memorable experience filled with laughter, creativity, and a sense of togetherness.

Street photography in Zhuhai, China during CNY

street photography in Zhuhai, China 2024

street photography in Zhuhai, China 2024

street photography in Zhuhai, China 2024

street photography in Zhuhai, China 2024

12 Feb 2023 Zhuhai, China


Capturing the essence of Zhuhai, China during the vibrant festivities of Chinese New Year through street photography is a mesmerizing experience. As the city awakens to the jubilant celebrations, every street corner and alleyway becomes adorned with colorful decorations, lively markets, and the palpable energy of locals and visitors alike. Against this dynamic backdrop, the lens of a street photographer becomes a portal to the heart of the cultural spectacle unfolding. From the traditional dragon dances and mesmerizing fireworks illuminating the night sky to the bustling temple fairs and intricate displays of traditional arts, Zhuhai during Chinese New Year offers an endless array of captivating scenes waiting to be captured. It's a time when ancient traditions seamlessly blend with modern festivities, providing photographers with a rich tapestry of moments that encapsulate the spirit of renewal, joy, and community that define this auspicious occasion. Through the lens of street photography, Zhuhai's Chinese New Year celebrations come to life in vivid detail, immortalizing the essence of this cultural extravaganza for generations to come.

CNY couple portrait photography in Zhuhai, China studio

Zhuhai photographer Colman L, and his wife

11 Feb 2024 Zhuhai, China

As we prepare the studio lighting and backdrop for our 2024 couple photography session at e STUDIO, a pleasant surprise awaits as fellow photographer Colman L. from Zhuhai pays us a visit. Taking advantage of the moment, we seize the opportunity to capture some delightful couple shots with them, infusing the session with a sense of camaraderie and fun.

2024 First self portrait | Lighting equipment test Godox RFT-25S

Ken Tam self Portrait 2024

9 Feb 2024 Zhuhai, China

Godox RFT-25S have been in our studio for weeks; I just got time to try it out, and here is the first shot.

Today in Zhuhai | Street photography in Zhuhai, China

Street photography in Zhuhai, China 2024

Street photography in Zhuhai, China 2024

Street photography in Zhuhai, China 2024

8 Feb 2023 Zhuhai, China

Escape from Hong Kong and go Zhuhai, China for CNY | Street photography in Hong Kong

Street photography in Hong Kong

8 Feb 2023 Hong Kong


Embarking on a street photography adventure in Zhuhai, China during the vibrant celebration of Chinese New Year promises to be an exhilarating and culturally enriching experience. As the city comes alive with festivities, adorned with vibrant decorations and resonating with the sounds of traditional music and firecrackers, the streets become a kaleidoscope of color and energy. Amidst the jubilant atmosphere, capturing the essence of this auspicious occasion through the lens of a camera offers a unique opportunity to witness and document the rich tapestry of customs, traditions, and rituals that define Chinese New Year in Zhuhai. From bustling marketplaces and lively temple fairs to captivating street performances and age-old ceremonies, each moment presents a captivating visual narrative waiting to be immortalized. As we navigate the bustling streets of Zhuhai during this joyous time, the camera becomes our window into the heart and soul of Chinese culture, allowing us to capture the spirit of the New Year festivities and preserve the memories for generations to come.

Street photography in Hong Kong Jan 2024 | Almost time to back to Zhuhai, China for my portrait photography

street photography in Hong Kong 2024

street photography in Hong Kong 2024

29 Jan 2024 Hong Kong


Embarking on street photography is not merely an artistic endeavor; it's a thrilling exploration that unveils the diverse and vibrant tapestry of Hong Kong's soul. It's a captivating journey where every corner, every alley, and every bustling street becomes a canvas of stories waiting to be told. The beauty of street photography lies in its ability to unveil the often unseen facets of this dynamic city. Beyond the iconic skyline and bustling markets, it captures the authentic essence of daily life – the hidden smiles, the fleeting moments, and the unspoken narratives that define Hong Kong's character. Engaging in street photography is an invitation to immerse oneself in the captivating rhythm of the city, where each click of the shutter reveals a unique perspective and a profound connection to the heart of Hong Kong. It's not just a visual art form; it's a delightful journey that allows us to discover the other side of this extraordinary metropolis.

New lighting modifer for portrait photograpy effect by godox is arrived

Godox new lighting modifier for portrait photography effect just arrived

24 Jan 2024 Zhuhai, China

Exciting news for portrait photographers! Godox has introduced a cutting-edge lighting modifier tailored to elevate the impact of your portrait photography. This new addition promises to bring a fresh and dynamic dimension to your on-location projects. The team at Ken Tam Photography is thrilled to announce that we will be incorporating this innovative lighting tool into our kit, ensuring that your portrait sessions benefit from the latest advancements in technology and creative lighting solutions. Stay tuned for an enhanced and updated experience as we continue to evolve our equipment, providing you with the best tools to capture stunning portraits in any on-location setting.

New tethering shooting table with drawer

New tethering shooting table with drawer 1

New tethering shooting table with drawer 2

New tethering shooting table with drawer 3

New tethering shooting table with drawer 4

18 Jan 2024 Hong Kong

Introducing the Tether Shooting Table with Drawer, a revolutionary addition to your photography toolkit that seamlessly blends functionality and versatility. This innovative shooting table is designed with precision to enhance your tethered photography experience. The built-in drawer provides a convenient solution for organizing and storing essential accessories, ensuring a clutter-free shooting space. The sturdy construction of the table offers a stable platform for capturing intricate details and achieving professional results. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a creative enthusiast, the Tether Shooting Table with Drawer redefines your workspace, providing an ergonomic and organized solution for your tethered photography needs. Elevate your photography sessions with this essential tool, where form meets function for a seamless and efficient workflow.

Street photography in Hong Kong Jan 2024 one shot one photo

Street photography in Hong Kong Jan 2024

Street photography in Hong Kong Jan 2024

12 Jan 2023 Hong Kong

TLTR: Observe is most useful as a street photographer.

Embracing the essence of street photography extends beyond the rapid-fire approach of using continuous shooting mode on a camera. Shooting like a machine gun may yield a multitude of images, but it does not inherently make one a better street photographer. True mastery of the craft lies in the ability to observe, to anticipate moments, and to connect with the dynamic narratives unfolding in the streets. Rather than relying solely on the quantity of shots, aspiring street photographers should focus on the quality that comes from a thoughtful and deliberate gaze. Observing the interplay of light and shadow, the subtleties of human interaction, and the unique stories within the urban tapestry allows for the creation of images that resonate with authenticity and depth. In the realm of street photography, the artistry lies not in the sheer volume of captures but in the discerning eye that interprets and captures the essence of the world with each click of the shutter.

Hong Kong export | Street photography in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Export street photography in Hong Kong 2024

11 Jan 2024 Hong Kong


The economic landscape of Hong Kong has experienced a rapid downturn in 2023, marked by a notable decline in various sectors. Influenced by a combination of global economic challenges, geopolitical factors, and local uncertainties, the city's economy has faced a substantial contraction. The decline is particularly evident in key indicators such as trade, tourism, and retail, as businesses grapple with the impacts of external pressures. This economic downturn raises concerns about employment, investment, and overall financial stability. As Hong Kong navigates through these challenging times, stakeholders are closely monitoring and strategizing to address the multifaceted issues contributing to the significant economic decline witnessed in the year 2023.

Ken Tam photography now in BlueSky Social

bluesky social new soical media platform

9 Jan 2023 Hong Kong

Link of our profile in BlueSky Social:

BlueSky is an X/Twitter alternative. I have been on the platform for more than 2 weeks. It's so fresh and photographer-friendly that it doesn't have those prostitute ads, etc. that X does.The timeline is clear, and there are not any advertisements that the platform has injected so far.

We're not sure how BlueSky gets profits to keep the network running. It's more than welcome to have such a new social media platform that's worth trying out.