1more pistonbuds pro EQ ANC

First, I am not an audiophile, I am just a photographer. Always looking for a TWS earbuds that sound good and under USD50 ;)

Why? TWS earbuds are consumable items that we will update 1–2 years (battery dead anyway).

In the pass few days I am hearing the 1more pistonbuds pro for prolong periods, and the sound of it's default setting is a bit dark, so I start to eq it to make it more enjoyable, at least for me.

My current EQ with wavelet, app preset to default

75 Hz 0dB
150 Hz 0dB
300 Hz -3.50dB
600 Hz -3.80dB
1200 Hz -1.80dB
2400 Hz -1.00dB
4800 Hz 4.60dB
9600 Hz 5.50dB
19200 Hz 1.3dB

Hope you enjoy it ;)

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